• Maya Arvigo International Association (MAIA) membership

    One time payment

    Maya Arvigo International Association (MAIA) membership supports education and traditional healing for you and the Arvigo® Techniques. Your annual renewal provides the finances needed to improve networking and professionalism around the world. We now have MAIA members in cultures and professions around the globe! Join us to ensure the continuation of these techniques.

    With Gratitude from your MAIA Board:

    Donna Zubrod, President; Christine Lee, Vice President; Trudy Zimmerly, Secretary and Cindy Aspromonte, Treasurer

    Benefits of Membership

    Promotes and Supports Arvigo® Practitioners:

    • Professional listing on the Arvigo® Therapy website; ease of client contact
    • Maintaining and on going development of the web site
    • Ability to utilize registered trademarkClinical and client documents, handouts
    • Generic marketing materials that you can customize

    Promotes Arvigo® Therapy

    • Publication of “Journeys In Healing” case study book; reduced cost to practitioners
    • National advertising and articles in selected professional journals
    • Presence at selected professional events

    Community Support:

    • Yahoo groups and Web Site Forum for clinical support
    • Quarterly newsletter
    • Regional Meetings, other events
    • Biennial Convention - next one to be held in 2019
    • Ability to donate funds for Scholarships and Ix Chel Tropical Research Foundation

    Renewal Options

    Membership in MAIA runs from July 1 to June 30.

    Note: Since the inception of the Association in 2004 membership fees have only been increased once in 2015.

    Full Individual Membership:

    • Teacher: $170
    • Certified Practitioner: $125 (Has attended Certification Training)
    • Professional Practitioner: $95 (Has attended Professional Care Training)
    • Spiritual Healing Practitioner Only: $95

    Supporting Member:

    • $50 Arvigo® Practitioners not currently in active clinical practice.
    • Membership includes all benefits as stated above with the exception of the web listing.

    Reinstatement Fee: Note: Renewals received after July 31st, 2017 will incur a $50 fee.

    Effective August 1st, non-renewed members are placed on inactive status; blocked web account, yahoo group access and other social media sites. Renewals received after August 1 may take a week to process.

    - Select -
    Teacher, +$USD 170.00
    Certified Practitioner, +$USD 125.00
    Professional Practitioner, +$USD 95.00
    Spiritual Healing Practioner, +$USD 95.00
    Supporting Member, +$USD 50.00


    $10, +$USD 10.00
    $25, +$USD 25.00
    $50, +$USD 50.00
    $100, +$USD 100.00
    $250, +$USD 250.00
    $500, +$USD 500.00
    $1,000, +$USD 1,000.00

    assists current & future Arvigo Practitioners to attend ATMAT courses

    $10, +$USD 10.00
    $25, +$USD 25.00
    $50, +$USD 50.00
    $100, +$USD 100.00
    $250, +$USD 250.00
    $500, +$USD 500.00
    $1,000, +$USD 1,000.00

    provides financial support to Ethnobotany and Community Projects in Belize